Why I am running:

I’m running for school board because it’s an opportunity to serve my community and help to ensure that my children and all Williamson County children continue to get the best education possible and to keep Williamson County Schools the best in the state. Our experience in WCS has been very positive and all of our children have benefited from great teachers. I believe as a parent with children currently in the schools that I can offer a first hand perspective on what our students and teachers need as well as what our board and administration can do to support them.

What I want to accomplish:

  1. Increase parental involvement

Williamson County is known for having parents who are active and engaged in their children’s education. This has been highlighted even more in the past couple of years during the pandemic. As a board member, I would want to encourage more of this, as long as we do it in a constructive way. The school board should never give our community or parents the impression that we do not want parents’ input. We need parents involved in our schools to gain the best possible educational outcomes for our students.

2. Teach an accurate account of our history

When it comes to the question of Critical Race Theory (CRT), I believe that history should be taught as it actually happened. There are some wonderful things in the history of our country and some ugly chapters in our history. However, I do not believe we should be rewriting history or indoctrinating our kids with particular political viewpoints. I further do not believe we should be teaching our kids that any one race is superior to or inferior to another.  Let’s teach an accurate account of our history that reflects our diversity as a country and helps us learn from the mistakes and accomplishments of past generations.  

3. Ensure our Curriculum is appropriate for all students

Our family believes that we should welcome diversity and that our children should have access to a variety of ideas. However, it is critical that all of this material and teaching be age appropriate. It is the school board’s responsibility to see that this happens. I don’t support censorship and I’m a strong believer in the First Amendment. I do believe that in certain rare occasions our school leadership, our teachers, and our librarians have to make tough decisions and that may include removing certain materials that are vulgar or inappropriate.

4. Detailed review of our Special Education programming and its funding

As a parent of a child recently diagnosed with dyslexia, my wife and I have learned so much over the past 2 years about access to special educational supports that are appropriate and specific to the needs of each child.  I want to increase awareness around special education and encourage us to view all student’s educational needs and abilities as unique. I want to ensure that children who receive special education participate in the general education curriculum as much as possible but have access to specialized services that directly support their area of learning needs.